Northern Territory Government

‘Victims’ Rights’ Article By Peter Barnes.
In 1988, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Steve Hatton, who was also the Minister for Police, asked me to create a media campaign to present to the public the need for more police power.
The NT Government wanted changes to the Police Administration Act that ensured police would be able to delay taking an arrested person to court for a ‘reasonable period of time’ while they carried out proper investigations.
Difficult and controversial to present to the public, so I came up with the concept ‘Victims’ Rights’, which highlighted… ‘Don’t undermine the line between you and the criminal. Give the police and the victims of crime a fair go’.
The campaign wording resonated with the public…’These days we hear all too often about the rights of the criminal. But what about the rights of the victims of crime? Who protects the victims? Who stands between you and the criminal?’
The ‘Victims’ Rights’ campaign was very successful and achieved the outcome the Northern Territory Government wanted.
I still have the original layout of the press side of the campaign which I have included below.  Also below, the Former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Steve Hatton, recommends my services.

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