A captivating photograph of a soldier eating food

WW1 Soldier Eating Food

WW1 Soldier Eating Food.

A captivating photograph of a smiling soldier sitting in the mud on the Western Front during WW1, eating a spoonful of hot food, possibly a potato, from a steaming food container.

This would appear to be one of a series of photographs showing the British soldiers’ rations, possibly intended to reassure their families at home.

In theory, the British army rations were well balanced and probably better than many of the poorer men would have had in their civilian life, however, the long, difficult supply lines and the sheer scale of the army, meant that full supplies often failed to reach the troops.

Lest We Forget.

Photograph came the National Library Of Scotland.

The research for ‘WW1 Soldier Eating Food’, was by Peter Barnes.  This article was previously posted on his Facebook Page.

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