This Northern Land Of Mine

‘Northern Territory Song’ Article By Peter Barnes.
In 1989, I convinced Young & Rubicam to set up an advertising agency presence in Darwin, which was initiated.
One of the first things I did to assist in the process of getting business in the Northern Territory for the agency, was to create a Northern Territory song.
I authored the song and it was recorded at Song Zu in Adelaide in 1989.
The title for the song is ‘This Northern Land Of Mine’, which is featured in this article.  It is the first song I had authored, and I went onto authoring two more Territory songs in the 1990s.  They are ‘It’s Our Territory’ (1996) and ‘It’s A Great Place’ (1997.
When I was given overall responsibility for the retail division of Young & Rubicam Adelaide, with the focus being on the John Martin’s advertising account, David Hallett was given the role of coordinator for the work coming through from the Northern Territory.
Interesting, when the South Australian Government heard the three Territory songs, it gave me the opportunity of authoring a state song for South Australia in 1999, titled ‘South Australia – It’s My Home’.
The last song I authored was in 2001, which is the Australian war heroes song, titled ‘Can You Hear Australia’s Heroes Marching?’

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