Northern Territory Government

‘We’re Building A Secure Future’ Article By Peter Barnes.
Media Campaign for Northern Territory Government in 1988, which included television, radio, and newspapers.
The television part of the campaign featured my daughter, Megan Barnes (baby at end).  Megan was born in Darwin.
The concept was also used in print featuring Megan, Territory flag and slogan ‘We’re building a secure future’.  A photostat copy of the full page coloured ad is below.
The then Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (Steve Hatton), asked me to create a campaign that was positive for the NT government, as there was much negative stuff about the building of a new government precinct (known as State Square).
The campaign presented to Territorians the positive aspect of new development (building) and working hard with private enterprise for their benefit. At that time the Territory needed some sort of major development to kick-start the economy.
I left the advertising agency in mid 1988, as Steve Hatton asked me to work marketing the NT government, including working on marketing for Statehood for the Northern Territory. My work with the NT Government also allowed me to have my own advertising and marketing business in the NT.
Steve Hatton was replaced as Chief Minister the day I arrived to work with the NT Government and the next Chief Minister decided not to continue with my appointment. The Northern Territory has failed to achieve Statehood to this day, unfortunately.

I decided to return to Adelaide, where I once again got to work on the John Martin’s advertising account. This time with Young & Rubicam Retail.

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