Harris Scarfe Advertising

‘Harris Scarfe Department Store’ Article By Peter Barnes.
Kathy Young, the Advertising Manager of Harris Scarfe, gave me the opportunity of working through my advertising and marketing consultancy, Revelation Productions, doing advertising work for the department store.
From the records I have, I worked mostly in 1995 and 1996. It was at a time when Harris Scarfe was rapidly expanding, with new stores being opened.
Copies of TV ad scripts, press ad and brochures layouts I did, have Harris Scarfe Grand Openings at the Tea Tree Centre in Adelaide, Whyalla in South Australia, Geelong in Victoria, and Geraldton, Bunbury, Albany in Western Australia.
It was a very busy time for me and I remember Kathy asking if I would like to present a new advertising concept for the store.  From memory, I think Harris Scarfe was planning to go with an advertising agency at that time and I think they did.
I can remember that Kathy Young was a very nice person and I greatly appreciate the opportunity she gave me to work on Harris Scarfe advertising. Thankyou Kathy.
Anyway, by 1997, I was so busy doing the Peter Kittle Motor Company advertising. there was little time for anything else.
The motor company is one of the biggest and most successful businesses in the Northern Territory and Peter Kittle wanted a new advertising image for his motor company, and someone to do all of his advertising and marketing, which I gladly accepted.
I worked with the Peter Kittle Motor Company until the end of the 1990s with my advertising and marketing consultancy, Revelation Productions. I would spend time in the Territory, and at one stage, staying there three months, doing the motor company’s advertising and marketing.
Peter Kittle was a great person to work with, which allowed me to produce some of my best work. I am very proud of the ‘It’s Our Territory’ branding and advertising.  Thankyou Peter.

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