Peter Kittle Motor Company

‘Corporate TV Ad’ Article By Peter Barnes.

Corporate TV ad for the Peter Kittle Motor Company created by me in 1997.

Peter Kittle asked me to create a new logo and corporate branding for his motor company.

I came up with ‘It’s Our Territory’ and a new logo featuring a star.

The slogan; ‘It’s Our Territory’, was used for his motor company’s corporate advertising and also used in general advertising.

I would like to point out that the people in the Peter Kittle Motor Company’s corporate TV commercial are not actors.  Most of the people are Territorians, except for one person who was on holidays in the Territory. 

As we travelled through the Territory we filmed Territorians where they lived.   

The Peter Kittle Motor Company had three locations during this time, that being in  Katherine, Tennant Creek, and Alice Springs.  

The Katherine dealership was completely flooded and destroyed in 1998.  The Tennant Creek dealership closed its doors in 2011. 

The Peter Kittle Motor Company expanded it operations in South Australia and Victoria.  In South Australia,  Adelaide (Para Hills) –  Port Lincoln – Clare Valley · Barossa Valley.  In Victoria, Melbourne (Tottenham, Deer Park) – Mildura.

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