Peter Barnes

Marketing Consultant | Artist

Peter Barnes is an Australian artist and marketing consultant.  He lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and likes motorcycles.

In the past, Peter achieved senior management and creative positions with leading advertising agencies in South Australia and the Northern Territory.  He is a proven frontline leader.

Peter’s advertising and marketing experience includes working with motor companies, car dealerships, department stores, shopping centres, government departments, casino, lotteries, charitable organisations, funeral director, hotels, real estate agencies, and more.

Peter is an Owner/Partner of Business Advertising Online, that assists businesses increase their customer base by getting them effectively found online. This includes creating professional websites.

The online business has been going for thirteen years and has clients throughout Australia.  If you’re looking to improve the online performance of your business or organisation, then Business Advertising Online can assist you.

Peter has also authored songs.  Three of them are included on this website, one being a state song for South Australia, commissioned by the South Australian Government, titled ‘South Australia – It’s My Home‘.

Peter enjoys painting, and many of his paintings are of Australians during war.

You can contact Peter on 0418 82 7756.


Songs +

Peter’s creative ability encompasses authoring songs and writing and producing advertising jingles.

A car ad jingle is featured on this website.  

The songs featured on this website include a state song for South Australia, commissioned by the South Australian Government in 1999.  A Northern Territory song created in 1997 (one of three Territory songs he has authored), and an Australian war heroes song, recorded in 2001.

Contact Peter on 0418 82 7756


Peter Barnes worked on the John Martin’s department store advertising account with Ogilvy & Mather in the mid 80s, and with Young & Rubicam Retail in the late 80s.

He was Senior Art Director and Group Head at Ogilvy & Mather and Senior Art Director, Creative Group Head, Creative Director, and Acting General Manager at Young & Rubicam Retail.

The department store was a much loved South Australian business. 

A TV ad features on this website from his time working on the John Martin’s advertising account with Ogilvy & Mather.