Australian Soldiers On A Wagon During WW1

Australian Soldiers WW1

Australian Soldiers WW1.

A great photograph taken in 1916, and one of my favourite.

Australian soldiers get a lift on an army wagon on returning from the trenches to a rest area. Lots of smiles all round.

The Second Division identification sign on the side of the wagon is a stylised rising sun with the numeral “2”.

The driver is believed to be Driver Robert Mawson Armstrong, 26th Battalion, later 17th Company Australian Army Service Corps.

The soldier sitting on the right of the drivers’ seat (with crossed arms) is Private Thomas Cockburn, 43rd Battalion and later 3rd Machine Gun Battalion.

The soldier at the back of the wagon holding aloft a loaf of bread is possibly Private Arthur C Kindred, 56th Battalion.

Lest We Forget.

Photograph and information came from the Australian War Memorial. Image file number AWM EZ0107. 


Peter Barnes created the video below of Australians in WW1.

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