Australian Artist - Peter Barnes

Australian Artist

Peter Barnes started out drawing and painting as a young boy. He studied Art at the Ballarat Junior Technical School in the late 60s and spent one year with the School Of Mines Ballarat (SMB) in 1971.

He went on to use his artistic talent in advertising and marketing. Peter’s career saw him attain the roles of general manager and creative director with leading advertising agencies.

He has lived and worked in Victoria, the Northern Territory, and now resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

He has authored community focused songs and some of the songs feature on this website’s home page.

You can commission Peter to create artwork. His speciality is real life paintings. Subjects like portraits and war time focused artwork is something Peter enjoys creating.

Peter has experience in effectively marketing businesses online.  He is the owner of an online business called Business Advertising Online.

You can phone him on 0418 82 7756 or email

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